Baby-brain is now a Dad thing!

Baby Brain (2)

Our darling wives often get accused of suffering from “Baby Brain”, now don’t get me wrong, I would never dream of saying this to Lisa … I know better. The consequences are unspeakable. Pick your battles guys.

When Lisa was pregnant she often chatted to her girlfriends about this baby-brain stuff. One of her friends said that it was poppycock and that it was something that someone just made up. She was very sure of it, and was not going to be convinced otherwise. Nothing motivates me more than getting on the old Google and researching to prove someone who “knows it all” wrong lol. It’s just too much fun.

Dr Laura Glynn, a psychologist at Chapman University, California, claims that baby brain is a real thing. She suggests that women’s brains change so that they will be better able to concentrate on their newborn’s needs after the birth, with the result that they become less focused on the other things, such as where the car keys might be.  She claims that these changes may be brought about by massive fluctuations in women’s hormone’s as well as tiny movements by the foetus. Check out this short video about similar research.

It makes sense, right? Just think about the crazy hormone changes a woman’s body goes through during, and after pregnancy. Don’t pretend you have noticed any hormone affects, mood swings, cravings … us blokes know it’s legit. I don’t think baby-brain is actually a bad thing at all. I think it’s absolute genius. It’s natures way of making sure that mum is 100% focused on baby. Us blokes can look after the menial stuff! Mum’s have a natural instinct or intuition with their baby – it’s just an innate skill. Us dad’s certainly learn as we go, but mums have this amazing talent of knowing what is required. Examples – packing the diaper pack and replenishing it every day, knowing a hungry cry from a tired cry, knowing when to bum pat to get the little one to sleep … not mention countless other abilities!

BUT – have you heard baby-brain for Dads? Well I would assume not. So I’m going to patent it and put my hand up as the first sufferer of the ailment. Yep, you heard me. I’m owning up to having baby-brain. I’m not kidding either. I legitimately think I sometimes just lose my marbles – and it has all started happening since May 9th 2016. I wonder what date that might be?

So the other day, I was having a rough old morning with Finn. In fact, it was St Patrick’s Day and I blogged about it – check out the post. What I didn’t tell you in that post, was how the rest of my day unfolded. We won’t get into the fact that I didn’t end up having a Guinness, but in fact was sleeping by 6pm with manflu. Back to the story. So I drop Finn off at Daycare and pop his diaper back into his cubby in the nursery room. About an hour later I reach for my wallet only to realise I can’t find it. I search my office and my car – no luck. So I exhaust all my options and resort to calling Lisa. Not fun. Can I admit this is the 6th time I have “lost” my wallet/passport/keys. Lisa then suggests I go back through my movements that morning. This concludes in me calling ABC Merivale … and the lovely manager Aimee confirms that yes indeedy – my wallet is safely tucked in Finn’s diaper bag between a fresh nappy and a bum wipe!

Thank god for that. But it really leaves me wondering what’s up with my brain? There doesn’t seem to be much research out there on daddy baby-brain. If you can find it – please send it to me. Have my hormones changed too? Am I now focusing on my little whippersnapper and not the mundane stuff? If so, I guess that’s not a bad thing. Wallets are overrated anyways. Sons on the other hand – they are life’s most wonderful gift.

So if anyone tries to tell you Baby-brain is “not a thing”. Send them my way.

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